Case Files

Eloranta Oy, Ski Expo trade fair
Eloranta Oy utilized Hudle’s unique communication possibilities in Ski Expo...
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Comma Group, RYMY-event
Comma Group utilized Hudle in Rymy event.
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K-Rauta Kuopio
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Hudle is an innovative, easy-to-use device which allows you to efficiently utilize mobile technology in your target group communication.

With Hudle you are able to send SMS messages effortlessly to the desired target group and receive SMS and MMS messages from customers. Hudle lifts your target group communication into a totally different level! With the help of the versatile communication possibilities, you are able to inform, collect feedback, perform market researches and voting, entertain, and perform campaigns… With Hudle your possibilities are limitless! You will reach your target group wherever, whenever!

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